When Last Year Becomes Two Years Ago

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Meet MAGILAX, the Bastard Son of the Sea! Known to unwittingly catch on to fishing lines and drag entire boats to the cold depths of the ocean floor. The true terror to the open ocean, and coastal cities alike.

More Pokemon fusion plushies by request. (Koffing x Venonat)

01 - Pyro & Lina
There’ll be 9 of these TF2xDOTA2 crossover , they’re already all sketched and stuff! I just need a lottt of free time to finish them…
(and a shoutout to Deers because she’s a cutie that always leave a kind message for me even when i rarely update this shitty tumblr of mine, you’re the most kawaii Deers)


Ok, edit, this is from Alicexalice I had to double check on Facebook!

Everybodyyyyy it’s from Alicexalice *forgot the name because I just save random cute fashion pics to my phone willy nilly sorry guys*

Reminds me of Sylveon
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